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Livia Meinzolt

Hello !

I am Livia Meinzolt – Liv – artist and writer, Published since 2019 with my first novel Le Bruit des Pages, (in french only) in Charleston and Pocket publishing houses.

Self-taught, I traveled in Asia, Europe and Russia before returning to France to write my first novel. I discovered watercolor and drawing not long ago, but it was love at first sight, and since I have found escape, fulfillment and comfort in this practice.

As an inveterate dreamer, I cultivate my imagination every day and have a passion for fantasy, folklore, magic, mythologies and world history, and share a particular bond with the Celtic, Slavic and Nordic cultures. They nourish both my art and my spirituality.

While being connected with the nature that surrounds me, I deeply love my interior and I decorate it with care and joy according to the seasons and the Sabbaths, my favorites being those from Mabon to Ostara. Autumn and winter being my favorite seasons.

I dream of living in a cottage or a small hut, lost in the wild, somewhere between forest and misty mountains, with the spirits and folks of the woods as only neighbors.

🍁 Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons, and those who inspire most for my writing, my art and craft.❄

Little stationery, illustrations and enchanted creations following the rhythm of the seasons

[for french speakers only – sadly]

Quand le rêve et le destin deviennent réalité, au cœur de la Russie pré-révolutionnaire.

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